Protect Your Apps Continuously

Security vulnerabilities cost more to fix the later they’re identified in the development lifecycle—plus they represent significant business risk. You need an easy and efficient way to identify and address issues early.

Expose Privacy and Security Issues


AIQ enables teams to deploy security tests using OWASP in each and every release cycle. You can simply redeploy your test scripts from functional testing to execute security testing automatically, within your CI/CD toolchain. And DDoS tests are simple to deploy too. Ensure you have all your security bases covered.

AIQ’s app-pen testing is uniquely able to go further than any other test automation software to uncover problems where hackers can find them—but other white hat tests can’t.

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Key Capabilities

Deep, Unique

App Pen Testing

AIQ uses recorded or scripted use cases to log in and navigate applications to the deepest levels.

A functional test script with 50 steps can be tagged to run app-pen at multiple steps – the top-level domain, after login, after purchase, and in the depths of a financial transaction, for example. At each tagged step, AIQ runs a full spider, identifies all pages it finds, and then passes off credentials and session info to run a complete OWASP suite of tests against each page. This process is repeated at each tagged step until complete.

  • Industry-standard OWASP10 protocol for obtaining best-of-breed security checks
  • Simple reuse of functional test scripts or run scripts created outside of AIQ for ease of use and team efficiency
  • Run on websites, web apps, APIs and packaged apps
  • No specialized skills required

Run DDoS Tests with

Minimal Incremental Effort

AIQ combines its use case-driven app-pen framework with its load-generating technology to simulate sophisticated DDoS attacks. During the synthetic attack, the system attempts to break into your back-end systems, just like known hackers do. Applications have access to key data and, under stress, can give up any built-in protection to cached or DB-stored data. AIQ provides you with this critical capability to close the gaps in your security shield.

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Deep, Unique

Security Testing

AIQ’s easy to deploy security testing means you can find risks sooner and minimize risk.

Surface More Risks

AIQ’s deep approach to applying OWASP tests means you can identify more issues than using other standard white-hat testing methods.

DevOps Ready

Launch Security tests automatically through your CI/CD pipeline.

Better Protection

Get better protection against attacks with deep app pen testing convenient enough to run with every release.

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AIQ Supports

AIQ’s flexible test authoring capabilities along with its advanced scenario creation allow you to support a broad set of testing needs.

Load & Performance Testing

Launch Performance & Load tests leveraging your Functional test scripts, maximizing your team’s productivity while ensuring the quality of your users’ experience.

Functional Testing

Cover the full range of your functional testing needs: API, integration, smoke, regression, and end-to-end tests all created and executed in one powerful platform.

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