Generative AI for Software Quality

Since 2017, Appvance has been at the forefront of pioneering generative AI for software quality. Discover how harnessing generative AI for QA testing can expedite your quality initiatives and drive superior business outcomes.

The Impact of Generative AI on Quality

There are a myriad of opportunities and ways to use AI to grow your business and improve your delivery of products and services. Using generative AI in application quality assurance (QA) testing today is one of the most impactful. Our generative AI system, AIQ, can design, generate, and execute thousands of test scripts. No scripting, no recording, no maintenance. AIQ autonomously validates all the possible user journeys to achieve complete Application Coverage™. Often 10X the coverage of “test coverage” alone.

How it Works

Generative AI Tailored to Your Specific Application

The AIQ platform uses machine learning to analyze your applications and generate tests that are specifically tailored to your business functions. Appvance’s patented AI technologies autonomously generate functional and non-functional tests using a built-in knowledge-model of familiar application user flows. Combine this with teaching the AI about your application, its key functions, the core business imperatives, and the heavily trafficked pathways and you create an application-specific generative AI able to independently and exhaustively test your most essential business processes.

  • Easily create a comprehensive test suite that covers all aspects of the application
  • Reduce large portions of manual testing activities
  • Automate other aspects of the testing process, such as test data generation and issue reporting
  • Autonomously generate functional and non-functional tests


Generative AI Transforms QA

Generative AI provides a superior and unmatched way to improve the quality, speed, and efficiency of your software testing.


Autonomous testing delivers functional and performance tests at a rate previously unattainable, removing the test bottleneck in your DevOps process.


AIQ automates much of the manual testing process, which frees up testers to focus on more complex tasks and deliver more strategic benefits


Full Application Coverage means you can find every error before your users do. Data-driven execution means you can validate all your critical business rules.

Testing Transformed

Generative AI Is Changing Software Quality For The Better

The impact of AI on quality can be measured in five substantive areas

Generative AI removes labor as a constraint in achieving outstanding software quality

100% Application Coverage is the new normal with AI validating all the possible user journeys

Test Scripts are disposable and script maintenance is a thing of the past; AI creates new scripts instantly

Test Scripts are disposable and script maintenance is a thing of the past; AI creates new scripts instantly

Functional, Performance, Load and Security Testing are unified in one platform, from test plans to execution

Case Studies

Achieving Quality with Generative AI

Appvance customers in an array of industries have brought difficult problems our way. Whether it’s supporting constant change in a government-mandated COVID tracking application or a mandate for total accuracy in healthcare claims processing, AIQ and its unique generative AI capabilities have helped them address their pain points and bring high-quality applications to their users.

From test automation to autonomous testing

Benefits of Generative AI in Software Testing

Improved Test Coverage and Efficiency

Enhanced Bug Detection

Accelerated Software Development

Experience The Power of Generative AI

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