Performance Testing Made Simple

AIQ provides teams with the modern and efficient way to cover all your Performance testing needs, across your application portfolio. Obtain true user-level experience metrics for end-to-end tests, APIs and microservices, databases, and more.

Validate Your Users’ Experience with

Integrated Performance Measures

All too often, development teams focus their quality efforts on functional tests, but users are more often lost due to slow web and app response times. Smart organizations are running an array of Performance tests as an integral element of their continuous testing programs.

AIQ makes it simple to run the right performance tests throughout your dev process by making it possible to use the same test scripts to power all your performance testing needs. No more specialized tools, skill sets, or separate infrastructure required.

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Key Capabilities

Advanced Timing Controls to Know What Your

Users Really Experience

Measure the real experience of your users, not just API-level response times. Get real browser-level timings, even for same-page actions, across all browser types including Android and iOS. Or select custom or random step times, thin times, ramp up and ramp down, or specific interval times, giving you the most flexible performance testing control available.

  • Simply redeploy test scripts created for functional testing to cover an array of Performance testing needs
  • Execute Load, Scalability, and Soak tests on-demand or continuously in your CI/CD pipeline
  • Data-drive tests with unique credentials for thousands or even millions of users
  • Combine different application types into one test scenario to simulate multi-platform use cases and interact with different services directly, and even pass data between them
  • Perform server monitoring and integrate with your APM solution for more detailed statistics
  • Auto-correlation is built in for rapid execution of mobile tests

Robust and


Run tests for up to 3 million concurrent users. Thread-safe containers across unlimited test nodes mean that tests mimic real-world usage where each user is fully isolated from others.

Test a broad array of applications and technologies including web sites, web apps, mobile apps (native and hybrid), APIs, packaged applications, and even database performance.

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Easily Executed

Load & Performance Testing

AIQ makes it efficient for your team to make Performance and Load tests a standard element of their testing regimen.

User Centricity

Measure true performance timing that your users are experiencing.


Easily reuse your Functional test scripts to minimize effort and maximize impact.


Diagnose the potential for performance bottlenecks accurately and promptly.

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AIQ Supports

AIQ’s flexible test authoring capabilities along with its advanced scenario creation allow you to support a broad set of testing needs.

Functional Testing

Cover the full range of your functional testing needs: API, integration, smoke, regression, and end-to-end tests all created and executed in one powerful platform.

Security Testing

Test the security of your applications continuously, finding issues sooner, and removing risk from your release cycles.

case study

Media Company Guarantees

Users’ Experience

AI-Driven Autonomous Software Testing | Appvance

Amid strong user growth, this leading media company was looking to ensure a good experience for its customers.

  • Assured visibility into consistent performance for up to 3 Million virtual users
  • Expanded their ability to scale their operations
  • Streamlined testing execution time, from weeks to hours

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