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Appvance IQ -
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Appvance IQ is an AI driven autonomous continuous testing platform.

Appvance IQ delivers transformational productivity gains in both test creation and execution, the former through AI generated autonomous tests and codeless test creation, the latter through unified functional, performance and security testing.

Appvance IQ is easy to adopt, in part because it runs native scripts from other automation and easily connects to DevOps tooling.

Test Creation

Appvance IQ supports two methods of test creation, one optimized for new functionality, the other for regression testing.

Test Designer

A visual script writer that enables test engineers to create test scripts without coding

AI (autonomous) Scripting

Uses machine learning and cognitive generation to instantly produce thousand of tests based on a thorough mapping of the application as well as an analysis of actual user activity

Test Execution

Appvance IQ executes a wide variety of tests across functional, unit, performance, load and security testing. AIQ’s lightning fast test runner — and the ability to test across thousands of browsers or multiple devices at once — cuts your test run time by 99%. Further, its unique write-once capability allows a single script to drive any and all of those tests.

That´s Unified Testing, and it´s a game changer.

Functional & Unit Testing

Appvance IQ makes functional, smoke and unit testing fast, easy and accurate.

Performance & Load Testing

Appvance IQ delivers the most comprehensive performance and load testing available today.

Security Testing

Appvance IQ includes AppPen and DDoS testing that is fast, automatic and uses existing test scripts.

Continuous Testing

Appvance IQ plugs right in to DevOps tooling, thereby enabling continuous testing.

Automatically trigger tests at builds for seamless DevTestOps.

Run Anywhere

Appvance IQ works on premise behind your firewall or in your favorite cloud environment, or both in hybrid mode.

Automatic Regression Testing

AI Scripting + Continuous Testing = Automatic Regression Testing

Automatic Regression Testing = ART

AI Scripting easily creates test scripts for even newly used functionality, assuring that script portfolios are fresh and complete with current user activity. These current script portfolios are then seamlessly executed through unified testing as builds emerge from CI. The combination of instant script creation and complete coverage that is true to real user activity, and that is then run through unified testing, makes Appvance IQ ART the best possible regression testing.

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