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Harness the superhuman power of AI-Driven Testing

AI driven testing and script creation is a fundamental breakthrough in software testing. It transformationally reduces labor to near zero for the fundamental task of script creation.

Create functional and performance tests automatically, and use our mature AppDynamics integration to pinpoint bottlenecks and failures, faster than any other test system. Period.

Integration Benefits

Go farther, faster

Correlated results

Correlate browser UX, mobile and API tests and synthetic checks with AppDynamics transactions, right in your Appvance dashboard.

On-Prem or off, your choice

Appvance is available to use in the cloud or behind your firewall for the ultimate security control.

Create Exact Use Cases 10X faster than Selenium

Faster than scripting or coding, Test Designer uses a fresh approach to visual test design to enable 10X faster test creation as compared to Selenium or other automation. Create real Javascript-based scripts which run natively in all browsers, bypassing the challenges and bottlenecks caused by Selenium Webdriver. Use these tests for functional and performance tests and get exacting results with AppDynamics data.

User Driven Testing

User activity drives AI Scripting, without adding any trackers to your code, making it ideal for perfect regression testing, since it captures everything users do and attempt to do.

The tight AppDynamics integration can immediately pinpoint issues in all environments from dev to QA to PreProd to staging to production!


Machine Learning

AI testing first produces an Application Blueprint by using a machine learning engine to comb through even the most complex apps, creating real data-driven user paths with no trackers or logs. Nineteen machine learning techniques are used to ascertain the app’s function and purpose, how it forms requests, what data it requires, and how server responses correlate to future requests. This generates instant smoke test reports from AI-created blueprint use cases that tie directly to the exact time of a failed step in AppDynamics.

Appvance Performance & Load Testing

The most advanced performance & load test platform on the market today. Run tests at the UI level, API level, both together. IP Spoofing, random think times, ramp times, advanced “10X-faster” script design, self healing scripts, loads to 3M+ users, all with a direct tie-in to AppDynamics results…millisecond by millisecond.
No load test system has more features, capabilities, and power than Appvance IQ.

Real Regression Tests

Script generation for regression tests is the result of cognitive processing that uses the Application Blueprint as a guide to what is possible in the application-under-test, and industry-standard W3C server logs as a big data source of actual user activity. No illegal privacy-infringing tracking needs to be added to your application!
Cognitive Script Generation produces a script portfolio that accurately represents what users did or attempted to do. 1000’s of real regression tests generated in minutes. Correlated to AppDynamics reports instantly.
Nothing else delivers this level of productivity. 

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