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Load & Performance Testing for All App Types

Appvance IQ executes the most comprehensive
load and performance testing available today.

Virtual Users Dashboard


The Active Virtual Users Dashboard provides realtime analytics into millons of virtual users. Tests can be paused mid-run to make adjustments to applications under test.


Appvance IQ automatically creates thread-safe containers across unlimited test nodes, mimicking real users, isolated from each other as if in the real world.

Script Once


Reuse functional scripts immediately for performance tests, and reuse again for other types of tests as well, saving tremendous QA time by not having to rewrite use cases. 

Test all application types


Uniquely create UX-based performance or load or soak tests for a variety of application types: HTML5, AngularJS, Java Thick Client, Oracle Forms, Windows Clients, Citrix, JavaFX, mobile and more.

Combine different application types into one test scenario to simulate multi-platform use cases and interact with different services directly, and even pass data between them.


Reuse your current scripts—starting today


Appvance IQ uniquely supports your use of existing scripts in almost any format: Selenium, Jmeter, Visual Basic, .NET C#, Sahi, HTTP Archive (HAR), PHP, Java, Appium, Python, Junit, Perl, Ruby, JRuby, Jython, Groovy, SoapUI and LoadRunner.

Even scripts which were meant for functional or unit tests can be instantly reused for performance, load or soak tests. Simply import scripts into your test scenario, select the test type and run any type of test with any script.


The fastest API load tests


API tests are easy to setup and launch. Simply use any script type in any language, or record the HTTP interaction (HAR) using Chrome or Postman.

Appvance IQ uniquely creates fast “resource-lite” use cases out of HAR recordings, which are re-usable in other test types—or use SOAPUI or virtually any other domain-specific language for your API interaction. Pinpoint defects quickly using the built-in error report and ensure performance SLAs are being met.


Data-drive anything in minutes

Appvance IQ uniquely allows you to data-drive any script in any language, including recorded scripts, with simple drag-and-drop from data-sources such as CSV, relational databases, encrypted, unique, common, transactional, shared, JSON and scenario-wide (multi-user). Data can be culled from the output of one page and shared as the input to another, for example. Also, randomly generated text and numbers with given parameters can be created.

Data can be shared and reused across scripts. Without coding, it’s easy to data-drive use cases with unique credentials for thousands or even millions of users. CSV files are accepted without row or column limits. Extend your test coverage dramatically and simulate thousands of different users acting differently.

Watch this video to see an example of a data-driven test in Appvance UTP.


Test the database while testing everything else.


Uniquely mix UX level with API level with SQL tests, all in the same scenario. Pass data between tests and validate database speed and integrity. Learn more about bottlenecks immediately and solve them quickly.


Monitor all servers or integrate to APM


Appvance IQ includes server monitoring of all major metrics on application, web and database servers such as CPU, memory, HEAP, garbage, I/O and disk. Data syncs directly to performance charts and reports to enable rapid identification of bottlenecks.

Get an even more detailed picture by directly integrating with New Relic, AppDynamics or Dynatrace, which will sync performance data with Appvance IQ data for a complete view of server and app performance under test.


Real-time reporting and comprehensive analytics


Find bottlenecks more quickly using Appvance IQ’s rich reporting tools. Custom reports and charts are quickly created and all the critical metrics for any test can be easily downloaded as a CSV file. Standard reports include error report, step-time report, execution report and more.


Performance testing for DevTesters


With Appvance IQ, developers can easily create tests in their favorite editor since all Appvance Scenario files are simply XML files with a published format. Create and edit performance tests alongside feature code without switching context or having to open other tools. Keep load tests in your preferred version control repository to track changes and revert when necessary.


Rapidly create complex data-driven mobile tests


Appvance IQ embeds rapid, code-free mobile load test creation. It captures all mobile interactions through a built-in proxy server. Simply use your app on any mobile device and a load test script will automatically be created and ready to use.

Appvance IQ uniquely auto-correlates the script so that each user will use the correct response tokens in future requests. This saves hours of manual correlation work for each script.

Create complex scenarios and data-drive any app selections or forms, and ramp to millions of users in minutes for rapid and accurate load tests.

Replicate real user actions


Appvance IQ uniquely records actual user timing as you use your application, e.g., how long you wait between steps. You can choose to use these timings, or utilize custom or random step times, thin times, ramp up and ramp down, interval times and more. These can be setup globally and run in a scenario or unique to each test case.


Use your existing Cucumber or other BDD scripts


Appvance IQ can repurpose Cucumber and other BDD use cases for data-driven performance tests. BDD tools offer a high-level description supported by developers writing code beneath (usually Java or Ruby) which implement each function. Appvance IQ can uniquely repurpose these BDD-driven scripts for load or performance tests, adding substantial value to your existing library of use cases.


Evaluate performance and scalability of IoT services


Appvance IQ captures all IoT interactions through a built-in proxy server, requiring no special scripting knowledge. Simply point your IoT device (e.g., over wireless or a network) to the proxy service and a load test script will automatically be created and ready to use.

Appvance IQ then uniquely auto-correlates the script so that each simulated IoT device will use the correct response tokens in future requests. This saves hours of manual correlation work for each script.

Create complex scenarios and data-drive tests to simulate actual IoT-server interactions and ramp to thousands of transaction per second driven on-prem, cloud or hybrid.

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