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AI-powered Native Mobile App Testing

Autonomously test native iOS, Android, React and WebView apps

The superhuman power of AI testing also works with native mobile apps.

AIQ autonomously creates thousands of tests for native mobile apps, finding issues immediately as a result. Use AIQ’s AI driven testing to validate virtually anything with data-driven flows. 

There is no tracking code to add to your app. AIQ’s AI driven testing for your mobile apps finds bugs with no labor or manual scripting required.

Easy Mobile Testing

AIQ’s Mobile AI Testing requires no log files, production data, recording or human attention. It simply produces machine-generated smart use cases and test results, and does it up to 100,000X faster than human scripting.

  1. Setup AI hints. These guide the engine in the right direction.
  2. Setup the forms that will be data driven from a resource (e.g., CSV or DB).
  3. Setup app-wide validations for the bots to know what you expect.
  4. Store the above as a template to be re-used at each build.
  5. Launch the AI Blueprint (from CI) against your new build and generate thousands of validated user stories autonomously in minutes. No user logs or anything else needs to be added to your application.
  6. Evaluate reported errors.
  7. Optionally, launch log-based regression tests.
  8. Review dashboards of results and repeat steps 5-8 on each new build.

AI Powered Mobile Testing in Action

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