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Slide S-APM Synthetic APM Monitor Production Systems
At a Whole New Level. 24/7.

Complex Multi-APP Coordination

Run complex tests against your production environment every 5 minutes which span across multiple app types to catch any issues in production. Thick client, mobile, API, web…all coordinated for the fullest picture of application health possible.

Validate Almost Anything 24/7

Advanced Image Recognition, OCR, video and audio validation. Even executing speech recognition. It’s all here. Just like a human testing 24/7. Except more reliable.

Surfaces issues across your systems immediately

Quickly discover issues in production across your entire system: AJAX, HTML5, Mobile, SOAP/REST, Oracle Forms, and legacy applications

Turnkey Full Service

Appvance writes the tests, sets up a dedicated system, and runs it 24/7. Nothing for you to do but sit back and relax.

Are all your services up?

Are all your services up? UX? API? Complex multi-app flows? Synthetic APM drives real user flows every 5 minutes so you know first. Integrates with AppDynamics and other APM tools for a complete view of issues spotted before your clients do.

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