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Slide TD Test Designer Codeless Script Writer
Quickly create and automate
sophisticated, data-driven use cases
using machine learning and self healing accessors.

20x Faster

Faster than scripting or coding, Test Designer is the most advanced script writer on the market today. Use visual test design recording with 20X faster test creation compared to Selenium. Provides a complete IDE to edit scripts (in English) or pure javascript. World-class Machine Learning automatically optimizes and self heals scripts reducing maintenance by up to 90%

Designed to be Data-Driven

Tests can be data driven from CSV files, relational databases and/or web services, or data generated on the fly. Code-free! Whether for input data or validation data, data sources can be easily designated at test time.

Designed for Modern Applications

Design tests for apps that use ReactJS, AJAX, mobile, web, HTML5, Java, or Angular, or for platform testing for Salesforce, Oracle, or SAP. Plus, easily capture and interact with complex and custom elements.

Combine, Edit & Insert

Test Designer scripts are short, clear and easy to edit. Speaking of easy, you can easily add conditional statements, data-drive them, add in your own Javascript lines and nest other scripts.

Playback Tests With Full Visual Replay

Test Designer uniquely lets you replay any test, bit for bit, image for image, at any time, even months after your app build and server are gone. Dev can always see exactly where the bugs are and how to solve them by replaying tests exactly as they played out when the original test ran.

Not Your Father’s “Recorder”

Unlike old-style recorders that never worked, Test Designer JS code that interacts with the client side code inside any browser, full stack, in each iFrame, and writes your script as you use the application.

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