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AI-driven autonomous application testing

Appvance Inc., Santa Clara CA and Hitachi Solutions Co., Ltd.(Tokyo): September 29, 2020. The companies have begun joint sales of “Appvance IQ”(AIQ), which is a platform for improving efficiency of web and mobile application testing by utilizing AI technology for autonomous test generation, from September 15th.

  AIQ can autonomously create scripts for functional, performance and security testing without coding or any human intervention. When an application is upgraded, AIQ can create new scripts and modify existing ones for regression testing by analysing an actual application environment and optionally interrogate standard server logs utilizing Appvance’s patented AI technology. Moreover, as AIQ can automate test execution and report generation, Hitachi Solutions can reduce work time required for testing and improve its work efficiency. This in turn allows us to identify bugs much faster in modern applications, with less time and human effort.

  Hitachi Solutions support its customers to implement AIQ by providing services such as PoC (Proof-Of-Concept), training and inquiry response based on its abundant experiences on the application development field. Moreover, Hitachi Solutions also supports improvement of all work in application development by combining AIQ with other techniques such as low-code/no-code development platforms and CD/CD tools.


  As digital transformation is becoming pervasive in Japan, more companies have implemented the methodologies and tools of agile development and DevOps, which can make application development speedier. In addition, companies implement test automation tools as they need to conduct testing more frequently due to a shorter cycle of application development. However, standard scripting takes a large effort because they need to create new scripts by coding, and modify existing ones for daily or hourly updates of their application.

Hitachi Solutions has provided a variety of solutions, which improve the work efficiency of application testing, such as source code analysis tools and CI/CD tools. It has now added AIQ to its line-up to solve its customers’ challenges in application testing. 

Features of AIQ

Automatic (autonomous) generation of scripts for regression testing with AI technologies

By utilizing multiple patented AI technologies, AIQ scans actual application structure and optionally its access logs accumulated on a web server. AIQ can generate scripts based on actual user’s operations, and it also can modify existing scripts by detecting updates of the application when it’s upgraded. Moreover, as AIQ can automate test execution and report generation, it enables us to improve work efficiency of regression testing.

  • Scripts generation of function, performance and security without coding

We can also record our user flows and play it anytime, and also configure AIQ to execute performance testing with 3 million virtual users access and penetration testing. We can generate scripts easily without coding by utilizing these features. Regarding penetration testing, it conforms to the standards of OWASP, which is a global community working to improve the security of software, and can help us develop secure application. 

  • Supporting a variety of application types and integrating with other tools

For web applications, AIQ supports multiple browsers such as IE, Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera, including mobile browsers and native mobile, and also supports applications developed with SPA (Single Page Application) architecture using modern frameworks such as Angular and React. For mobile applications, AIQ supports both iOS and Android. Moreover, as AIQ can integrate with project management tools such as JIRA and CI/CD tools such as Jenkins, by combining AIQ with those tools, we can improve application testing by detecting bugs earlier and noticing them more smoothly to development team.

Andre Liao, CEO of Appvance commented, “We are extremely excited to team up with Hitachi Solutions and be a part of its journey to accelerate digital transformation in Japan. Further extending Appvance’s global footprint in this important market, we can’t be more pleased than to partner with a trusted global brand. AIQ’s patented Machine Learning technologies can learn an application, re-learn on its own each time the build changes and autonomously generate thousands of unique test scripts in under ten minutes. We are fully committed to support Hitachi Solutions, and eager for its customers to start experiencing the transformational productivity gain that AIQ has to offer.”

About Hitachi Solutions, Ltd.

Hitachi Solutions, Ltd., headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is a core member of the Information & Telecommunication Systems business of Hitachi Group and a recognized leader in delivering proven business and IT strategies and solutions to companies across many industries. The company provides value-driven services throughout the IT life cycle from systems planning to systems integration, operation, and maintenance. Hitachi Solutions delivers products and services of superior value to customers worldwide through key subsidiaries in North America, Europe, India/Middle East, and Asia Pacific. For more information on Hitachi Solutions, please visit:

About Appvance Inc.

Appvance is the inventor of AI-driven autonomous testing, which is revolutionizing the $120B software QA industry. The company’s premier product is Appvance IQ™, the world’s first AI-driven, unified test automation system for web and mobile applications. AIQ empowers enterprises to improve the quality, performance and security of their most critical applications, while transforming the efficiency and output of their testing teams and lowering QA costs. Appvance is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, with additional offices in Rochester, NY, Costa Rica and India. Investors in the company include Javelin Ventures, Staenberg Ventures, Social Internet Fund, FundersClub, Three Bridges Ventures and HB Asset Management.

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