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GenAI-driven testing is a game-changer for software QA. It enables faster timelines, better use of scarce and specialized testing engineers, and much greater coverage and bug discovery. Accordingly, planning a GenAI-driven testing project is very different from planning a traditional testing project. This blog post explores six transformative aspects of AI-driven testing with an eye

Application blueprints provide considerable insight, including the user journeys discovered by the AI, with red nodes indicating blocked paths.

Autonomous driving requires a digital roadmap. In similar fashion, autonomous testing requires an application blueprint. The AIQ GenAI-driven testing platform automatically creates such blueprints, which simultaneously direct the autonomous testing that AIQ performs. Blueprints also provide architects and engineers with valuable insight into an application’s health, performance, and, most importantly, coverage. This post describes the

We live in an API driven world. One upshot of this is that many applications must be tested at the API level, a reality not without complications. Fortunately, we at Appvance have engineered a great simplification to the challenges of API testing. It’s called the Appvance Services Workbench and comes as part of our Appvance

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