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With the growth and evolution of software, the need for effective testing has grown exponentially. Testing today’s applications requires an immense number of complex tasks, as well as a comprehensive understanding of the application’s architecture and functionality. A successful test team must have strong organizational skills to coordinate their efforts and time to ensure that each step of the process is efficiently completed. To thoroughly test an application, teams must perform a variety of tasks to check the functionality of the software, such as scripting and coding tests, integrating systems, setting up and running test cases, tracking results and generating

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Thanks to Amazon Web Services, driven by Appvance IQ (AIQ), you can save 99% on your mobile load tests. Before explaining how, first some context. Amazon has disrupted industry after industry and is now disrupting mobile device testing. AWS Device Farm, their mobile device cloud, uses immense scale to lower the cost of testing mobile apps by 90% compared to previous device clouds. Not surprisingly, AWS’s trademark combination of low price and broad coverage has quickly made it the go-to service for compatibility testing. That’s great, but load and performance testing is the truly expensive testing process in terms of


Load and performance testing is something you can’t crowdsource, or shouldn’t anyway. After all, crowdsourced load testing would look a lot like DDoS, which is something SecOps wouldn’t appreciate. Nope, load testing is only feasible via automation, as Mercury Interactive showed twenty years ago with LoadRunner.   But, what about now? Well, Jeff Bezos made a trenchant comment in his just released 2018 Amazon Shareowner Letter … People have a voracious appetite for a better way, and 
yesterday’s ‘wow’ quickly becomes today’s ‘ordinary’. So it is with load and performance testing. Once wow, it’s now ordinary and expected. Woe be it

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