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In the fast-evolving realm of technology, software testing is no longer a mere quality assurance process but a dynamic and multifaceted discipline that incorporates AI and autonomous systems. These technologies are increasingly revolutionizing the way we approach software quality. Let’s delve into the implications and future possibilities of AI and autonomous systems in testing and

Application Coverage™ is the new gold standard metric of testing completeness, having supplanted the old-school metrics of Test Coverage and Code Coverage. This is because Application Coverage mimics user experience and can only be comprehensively achieved via generative-AI. Test Coverage and Code Coverage are limited because they are human dependent in terms of test conception,

Generative AI is a godsend for software quality teams and their executives. Indeed, Generative AI has changed software quality for the better in five substantive ways:     Collectively, these five changes usher in a new golden era of software quality. And, they elevate the quality function from mere testing to true Quality Engineering. Let’s drill down

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