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Using artificial intelligence (AI) in testing to visually expand the accessor pool increases accuracy, productivity, and almost completely eliminates maintenance. The number one reason test cases get re-written is that an accessor has changed.  Using AI and image recognition provides more ways to recognize that accessor, which improves the stability and reliability of the test. It’s a transformational way for a test platform to recognize web elements that makes the traditional means of using accessors, or locators, arguably almost obsolete. What are accessors and how do they work? Accessors are the way that a test system can recognize an action,

For the better part of 20 years, the e-commerce QA test industry has known that every one-second delay in response, they can lose up to half the page audience. Not because the user bought somewhere else, but because they became distracted. Today’s distractions are probably much higher than they were when those original studies were done 20 years ago. Even on your computer, you can easily get distracted waiting for the screen to fully load, when you get an important email, and you forget about what you were going to buy. This is also true on mobile. In fact, it’s

Generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence (AI), one of many, where it is trained on a very large set of data. After training, if you give it some direction, it generates something for you. It can generate an answer, text, a picture, or it might generate code. It generates things based on your query and what it’s learned previously. This is different than many other forms of AI which for example might look for patterns in large data sets. In order for generative AI to work well, it has to be trained on incredibly large sets of data,

As business becomes increasingly digitized, it’s critical for teams to produce better quality, even as the complexity of applications to run your business on increases. And now do so in an hour or less. And in fact, you are going to have to be 800 times more productive (from a QA standpoint) if you want a world-class quality product moving from Agile to DevOps. You actually have to test 10 times more than you have been to cover everything your users are doing (substantially more than just your age-old “test coverage”). And achieve all of this without undue increased risk.


Quality matters. It has an impact on the value and equity of your entire corporate brand. So it’s everyone’s job, from the C-level to QA and in between, to protect your corporate brand and its brand equity. For instance, if your brand is worth half a trillion dollars, a single QA mistake that is pushed out to the public or even internally could harm that brand by billions of dollars. Not necessarily hard dollars, but soft dollars, and those are dollars. QA people play an incredibly important role in ensuring application quality that, in turn, transfers to brand equity. This


SANTA CLARA, Calif., Jan. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Appvance, the inventor, first to market and industry leader of AI–driven software testing technology announces today that it has secured $13 million in Series C funding to accelerate global expansion and product roadmap development. This round is led by US growth equity firm Arrowroot Capital with participation from existing investors including Javelin Venture Partners and TRI HoldCo.  Appvance is disrupting the $120 billion software QA market through its patented Appvance IQ™(AIQ) unified test platform – the world’s first Level 5 autonomous testing solution. Appvance delivers automated testing to leading global brands using the most advanced AI/ML engine in the


Intelliswift, a leading IT & Software Solutions company, announced their strategic partnership with Appvance, the leader and inventor of autonomous testing technology. The company’s flagship product Appvance IQ is the world’s first AI-driven, unified test automation and execution system.  The increasing demand for faster delivery of software requires quicker and successful execution of software testing to ensure its standard. Businesses will be able to leverage Appvance IQ’s modern architecture and holistic testing offerings ranging from UI, API, mobile and web automation, performance, and security testing, to significantly accelerate time to market while optimizing testing functions with the highly intelligent platform.

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Would you like to know in minutes if a stack update changed the functionality or performance of a production application that has no test support?Read on… Ops teams have an obligation to keep all applications in production running. Functional, performance and security in place. However, they also have an obligation to update layers in the stack for updates and security patches. A large enterprise today may be responsible for thousands of applications which run their business. However, over time there may be no dev or QA team assigned to be sure they are working correctly after stack updates. Even the ops

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COVID accelerated demand for software testing COVID has changed the way we work and play. Some industries have been hit hard (like travel and theater) while others have grown (Zoom, Netflix). All of us learned to work from home and in doing so we use more software, websites and mobile apps than we did two years ago. This has accelerated the need for more and better SQA across all categories as usage rises and the importance of our software systems has become critical. From online grocery delivery to all kinds of ecommerce to our work systems (like SAP and Salesforce),


A partnership transforming next-generation businesses with the future of testing Princeton, NJ, USA – GAVS Technologies, a leading AI-led digital transformation services provider, announces a strategic partnership with Appvance, the leader in AI-driven test generation, to enable global businesses tap into the disruptive power of AI-led quality engineering. Welcoming the move, GAVS’ Chief Customer Success Officer Balaji Uppili, said, “This partnership will significantly enhance GAVS’ vision of being a digital transformation organisation with focus on AI/ML. This partnership will really help customers cut down on time to market and deliver high quality user experience.” He added, “Appvance is clearly the technology

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