COVID accelerated demand for software testing

COVID accelerated demand for software testing

COVID has changed the way we work and play. Some industries have been hit hard (like travel and theater) while others have grown (Zoom, Netflix). All of us learned to work from home and in doing so we use more software, websites and mobile apps than we did two years ago.

This has accelerated the need for more and better SQA across all categories as usage rises and the importance of our software systems has become critical. From online grocery delivery to all kinds of ecommerce to our work systems (like SAP and Salesforce), we rely on these systems to accomplish anything. As the reliance increases, so does the need for quality.

At Appvance we saw large increases in contracts through COVID. Across all categories. While companies could not easily hire more manual testers or QA engineers, they looked for technology that could increase the ability to find bugs, decrease the time to do so, and improve release quality dramatically as they compress cycles from agile to DevOps.

We have helped clients reduce their test cycle from weeks to days to less than an hour, utilizing AI based autonomous test generation. The number of applications being tested daily augmenting their testing with AI based autonomous tests has doubled in the past six months alone.

It’s an exciting time (or perhaps the perfect time) to leverage AI in QA, not just for obvious tasks like self-healing scripts, but instead to expand your application coverage as much as 10X with little human effort. We saw clients accelerate adoption of AI and autonomous test generation at the fastest pace ever since we invented and launched it in 2017.

Contact us at Appvance if you are ready to add AI to your test regimen in QA.

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