Taking Appvance to the Next Level

This post is the first from Appvance CEO Andre Liao. Look for his byline more frequently as he adds his perspective on the latest happenings here at the company.

My perspective is a new voice here on the Appvance blog, and I’m excited to begin sharing more about what’s happening here at the company, the great team and culture that we’re building, and the milestones that I know we’ll be reaching.

As announced here in our News area in January, we raised our Series C round of funding based on a great deal of hard work, focus, and belt-tightening during the height of the COVID pandemic which helped us to grow the business while staying lean. Now, as a result of these new funds, I’m thrilled to share the news that we’ve built out our management team to help us drive to the next level of growth. You’ll see their bios and profiles on our updated team page, but I’d like to share just a few words on each here.

Our New Management Team Members

Our first priority was to bring on a stellar head of Engineering. Sergiy Bruksha joined the team in late March, most recently from Talix, a SaaS-based health information technology company serving payers and healthcare providers, recently acquired by Edifecs, and prior to this, from Content Analytics, a late-stage start-up acquired by Syndigo. Sergiy’s specialty is scaling teams, implementing and overseeing agile development processes, and managing distributed teams like the one here at Appvance. He hit the ground running, and has made a tremendous impact in just 3 short months. (Plus you’ll see all the positions he’s recruiting for to build out the team aggressively.)

We are extremely excited to have brought on David Stout as our VP Global Sales. David brings a wealth of industry experience in technology sales particularly focused in the DevOps arena, and most recently in the QA space; he joins us from SeaLights, where he was SVP of Sales, Americas. David understands the pain-points and struggles of our buyers, and how to assist them in addressing their issues. He also has terrific experience building highly-productive sales organizations. And he’s recruiting as well! 

And we’ve added our marketing leader, Amy Hawman, who comes to Appvance most recently from the robotics start-up, Dishcraft. Amy specializes in building marketing infrastructure, capabilities and teams at early-stage software companies, where she has built lead-generation engines, honed messaging and key stories, and implemented tools and programs to support growth objectives. You’ll be seeing the results of many new marketing initiatives over the coming months as Appvance moves to update much of its digital footprint.

Recognizing Our Team

These folks join the team that has been tirelessly and leanly staffed by our CTO, Kevin Surace, and our Vice President of Customer Success, Kevin Parker, as well as many of our long-term colleagues in the organization. We couldn’t have reached this point without all their contributions, so I also want to express my thanks here for their dedication.

As mentioned above, we’re also hiring in nearly every department across the company. Don’t miss the chance to join our fantastic team!

New Board Member, New Funder

We’ve also made some changes to our Board, adding Kareem El Sawy from Arrowroot Capital. You can read a bit about him in the Board section of our company page. We’re looking forward to having Kareem help guide Appvance in our next phase of growth.

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