Two new podcasts! AI is maturing in QA, but robots won’t take your job

Two new podcasts!
AI is maturing in QA, but robots won’t take your job

The machine generating 1000’s of real tests with no recordings, no logs, no tracking, no coding.
AI arrived in QA in 2017. Did you get on the bandwagon? Why are you holding back?
Disappointed by vendors who say “AI” but have nothing but a first-generation recorder?
Ya, there are plenty of them.
Worried about robots taking your job? Don’t. But instead improve your skills with AI testing.
Want to learn more about AI?

Before we jump to the podcasts, I’ll give you one client experience this week.

Large healthcare software provider. Large (100’s of unique pages) application.
Writing zero scripts, no recording and tracking nothing, and zero involvement by any human past setting up the system.
The first AI blueprint run generated over 11,000 use cases, ran them, and found over 1000 bugs. Real bugs. Some quite serious. All were a surprise to the client. “WOW” was all we heard.

All this in a few hours. Don’t try that without AppvanceIQ.

That is the equivalent of 200 scripters writing scripts for two weeks. Depending on where in the world they are, that might be as much as $1M of labor cost and overhead (equivalent). Except no one would have done that much work. They would have instead had low code coverage and missed 90% of application issues.

Now, it’s all different. $1M results in no time, or a lot less than $1M.

It’s no miracle. It’s AppvanceIQ.
If you have budget, request a demo today.

Two new podcasts just released that you can listen to while you work!

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A solid 30min of talk about AI generated tests and how you can benefit today.

A short and entertaining 24 minutes on AI in many industries from transportation to IT.


Kevin Surace

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