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Software testing has dramatically changed given the rise of AI, in general, and GenAI in particular. This is especially true of regression testing. In support of this game-changing boon to software QA teams, this Cheat Sheet focuses on regression testing, which GenAI has made vastly more efficient and effective. The Cheat Sheet articulates five best

Generative AI is a godsend for software quality teams and their executives. Indeed, Generative AI has changed software quality for the better in five substantive ways:     Collectively, these five changes usher in a new golden era of software quality. And, they elevate the quality function from mere testing to true Quality Engineering. Let’s drill down

user centric

We test software so users don’t experience bugs. It follows that all testing should be user centric. This requires intuition and an understanding of design intent when creating tests for new functionality, since users have yet to engage with the new features in a meaningful way. (More on that in a future post.)  Fortunately, the

dev ops

CI/CD Testing Table Stakes taken Next Level Testing is often ignored when talking about agile, CI/CD and DevOps. And yet, testing is often a major bottleneck in these endeavors. To be successful in any of the above, test must be part of the culture, something done continuously at every build. Ignoring testing in CI/CD is

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