5 Criteria for Script Generation Tools

Testing teams have several alternatives for manually creating scripts. Most date back years, some are platform specific, some open source, with Selenium remaining the benchmark for most test engineers, notwithstanding that it has fallen way behind the curve.

Go! Go! Go! Super fast script gen with Appvance IQ Test Designer

Appvance’s entrant is the Appvance IQ Test Designer, a modern IDE that enables ultra-high productivity when creating, maintaining and executing test scripts for today’s web applications. It was designed from a clean sheet of paper to excel across five criteria.

  1. Super Fast Script Generation: Test engineers are 10x more productive using AIQ Test Designer than with alternatives like Selenium. Not only is it a codeless script generator, it creates automated UX & API scripts at the same time, and even has custom accessor support, without coding. It handles cross-browser and OS capture and test execution without modification, and codeless creation of data-driven scripts.
  2. Easy Script Maintenance: Lightning fast test creation is just the beginning of ultra-high test engineer productivity. As a key part of the SDLC, the ongoing QALC is much smoother and way more productive for test engineers with AIQ Test Designer than with alternatives. This starts with the fact that it creates resilient scripts that work on all browsers and withstand application changes, including the use of smart resilient accessors. It also employs a business-readable scripting language, and allows scripts to be linked for modularized design and reuse.
  3. Unified Test Execution and Replay: Though downstream from test authoring, execution must be considered when evaluating authoring tools since different scripts have historically been required for different types of testing. AIQ Test Designer unifies that by generating scripts that can be executed across functional, unit, performance, load and security testing. This unique write-once capability significantly boosts QA productivity. Further, Appvance IQ uniquely lets you replay any test, bit for bit, image for image, at any time, even months after your app-build and server are gone. Dev can always see exactly where the bugs are and how to solve them by replaying tests exactly as they played out when the original test ran. AIQ Test Designer alternatives can’t do any of that.
  4. Supports Today’s Technologies: Support for the contemporary technologies that you must test is mission critical, literally. This includes support for the platforms, browsers and frameworks your applications-under-test utilize. AIQ Test Designer supports the technologies used to build modern applications, including HTML5, AJAX, AngularJS and ReactJS. Further, it works on Linux, Windows and Mac browsers. Miss any of those, and your test authoring tool becomes useless.
  5. Strong Technical Support: Some think tech support is “nice”. Cooler heads know it’s often essential, which is why Appvance delivers great tech support. Contrast this with test authoring tools that are open source or on life support, neither of which gives you the essential support that an enterprise requires. After all, it’s hard to get strong support for a product on life support.

Test Designer is one of the two ways to create scripts within Appvance IQWant to learn more about it and see it in action? Start here.

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